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  1. Mr. Bajrang Jain
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  7. Mr. Vijay Kiyawat
  8. Mr. Vipin Popat
I was in Kharagpur last month along with some batchmates of 1967. The TeamKART team showed us the racing car that they have developed. One team member named Ketan drove it near Hijli Jail Building, now known as Nehru Museum. I was quite impressed by the energy level and achievement of the students, most from 2nd and 3rd year of engineering. I was happy to learn that they have used finite element analysis to select the structural members and have made use of carbon fibre technology to reduce weight of the car. I also learnt that they used 3D printing to manufacture one large plenum chamber with ABS plastic. I am told that the new version of the car weights less than before and that it delivers around 15kmpl. I have donated some amount to them. I would encourage other alumni to consider donating some amount to encourage creativity among youth.
Vijay Kiyawat
'67, Mechanical, Nehru